Powered Tailgate

A power-operated tailgate is standard on Sport models and above. Opened and closed, smoothly and quietly, by a lightweight, compact, spindle damper system, the open/close switch is located both on the tailgate itself and inside the cabin. It can also be operated via the smart keyless entry button; the degree of tailgate opening can be set seamlessly, whilst touch sensors prevent items becoming trapped during closure.

Revised Styling

The 2022 CX-5 incorporates a new front design which represents a fusion of elegance and the toughness expected of an SUV. Replacing the mesh surfacing, the front grille design now features a three-dimensional series of piercings that appear to float on the face of the grille, giving it a deeper appearance. The distinctive signature wing that extends outwards from the grille has been restyled with surface forms rather than lines, assuming the look of a sturdy frame to convey the rugged stature of the updated CX-5.

Trim Distinction

In the UK, the 20 model 2022 Mazda CX-5 line-up features five trim levels: SE-L, Newground, Sport, Sport Black and GT Sport. For the first time, individual model grades feature subtle styling differentiation to give customers the option of choosing a CX-5 with a unique character and focus. The three stand out trim grades: Newground, Sport Black and GT Sport each have a distinct personality to ensure the CX-5 range offers more choice than ever before.

New Zircon Sand Paint Colour

A new, Zircon Sand exterior body colour has also been introduced on the 2022 Mazda CX-5. It expresses the sparkle of zircon sand, a mineral which is also used in foundry castings. Mazda was one of the first companies to introduce Resign Coated Sand (RCS) casting in 1953, so the new colour has strong ties to the company’s heritage.

G-Vectoring Control (GVC)

The Mazda CX-5 benefits from Mazda’s Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics range of technologies including G-Vectoring Control (GVC). Utilising integrated control of the engine, transmission and chassis to enhance the connection between car and driver, GVC varies engine torque to optimise vehicle dynamics. By monitoring steering and throttle position when entering a corner under power, GVC momentarily reduces the amount of torque delivered to the front wheels, thereby transferring a fraction more weight onto the front axle. This increases front tyre grip, which allows the front wheels to turn more precisely. The CX-5 features an updated version of the G-Vectoring Control system – GVC Plus, which now features direct yaw control to enhance stability at speed.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system

Matched to the 184ps Skyactiv-D diesel and the 2.5-litre 194ps Skyactiv-G petrol engine, Mazda’s intelligent AWD system uses 27 sensor signals to monitor road conditions and driver intentions, instantly determining how power should be split between the front and rear wheels. The Active Torque Control coupling sends the right amount of torque to the right place at exactly the right time, maximising front and rear grip by precisely calculating how much grip is required at each wheel, even when road conditions are constantly changing. This intuitive set-up also delivers superb fuel efficiency by ensuring that the CX-5 doesn’t unnecessarily transmit torque to the rear wheels when conditions don’t demand it. With a focus on fuel efficiency, under most normal driving conditions torque split to the rear wheels can vary from as little as 1 per cent to 50 per cent. On the 194ps AWD GT Sport Auto, the Mazda Intelligent Drive select (Mi-Drive) features an Off-Road Mode that allows for even better torque control on low-grip surfaces.

New Lighting Appearance

The front and rear lamp clusters have also been redesigned across all models. Both front and rear designs feature four oblong LED lamps - two on each side – which hint at greater aggression and performance whilst emphasising the CX-5’s wide and planted stance. GT Sport cars feature Adaptive LED headlights, while across all models the new signature wing trim that no longer heads into the lamp cluster, to give a cleaner design.