While the stylish proportions of the Mazda6 are still instantly recognisable there’s no mistaking the visual enhancements that mark out the new Mazda6. Driven by a development concept of 'Mature Elegance', Mazda has refined the KODO: Soul of Motion design, elevating the sense of quality and refinement so that their flagship model rivals premium badged competitors for desirability and kerb appeal.

The revised exterior design further accentuates the essential elegance of the Mazda6 with features such as the new front grille contributing to the appearance of motion and a wide sporty stance on the road. Adopting a more powerful and deeply sculpted look, the grille’s bottom edge dips lower than before at its centre, while the tips of the signature wings flow along the bottom of the headlamp assembly. The grille mesh is positioned deeper within the surround and has a more intricate pattern of small blocks, shaped to help light bounce off each individual block giving the grille an attractively bright appearance.

New headlamps adopt a sleek, wide shape with the LED turn signals forming a line along the upper edge of each headlamp unit. In addition, with Sport Nav+ and GT Sport Nav+ models the lighting signature design penetrates the projector, while the sharp form and lines of light produce a bold expression, at the same time as lighting the lower section of the headlamp housing to hint at the Mazda6’s low center of gravity.

Integrating the fog lamp function into the headlamp units allows for a new, horizontally oriented bumper design at each corner, which emphasises the Mazda6's wide front stance. Ducts introduced beneath the trim pieces contribute to improved aerodynamic performance by channeling air to the front tyres.

To the rear, the design of the previous Tourer has been so well received by customers for its sporty good looks that it is carried over on the new model. However, on both Saloon and Tourer variants, the body colour now extends to the lower bumper section to present a tauter high-quality look. 

The Saloon also benefits from several additional new styling features. A different rear combination lamp design features a sleek, sharp, well-balanced appearance. The brake lamp cylinders are positioned lower, and adopting a design similar to the headlamp units, the lighting signature on Sport Nav+ and GT Sport Nav+ models edges the bottom of the lamp unit.

Revisions to the lower section of the boot lid see the horizontal line and its extended garnish lend a refined air befitting a luxury saloon, while the exhaust pipes are now positioned closer to the outer edges, and the pipe diameter has increased, which again accentuates the new Mazda6's wide rear stance, giving the impression of a lower center of gravity and a powerful physique.

The new Mazda6 features revised alloy wheel designs with SE-L Nav+ and SE-L Lux Nav+ cars fitted with 17-inch Gunmetal wheels, while Sport Nav+ and GT Sport Nav+ models have 19-inch Bright alloy wheels.

Sport Nav+ models are marked out by a chrome front bumper garnish, while sitting at the top of the range, the new GT Sport Nav+ adds to its exclusivity with gunmetal treatment on the front grille and a gloss black rear bumper trim.

Across the range the new Mazda6’s styling updates are topped off by the introduction of Soul Red Crystal Metallic paint, which thanks to Mazda’s unique three-layer TAKUMINURI painting technology increases brightness by approximately 20 per cent and depth by 50 per cent, compared to previous Soul Red Metallic paint. The radiant transparency of this new red more powerfully highlights the beautiful contours of the KODO: Soul of Motion design. Seven other colours carried over from the previous model include Machine Grey Metallic, Sonic Silver Metallic, Blue Reflex Mica, Deep Crystal Blue Mica, Jet Black Mica and Arctic White.