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Information about cookies and similar technologies

N.B. The information on this page relates to this website specifically. Other policies, settings and controls may apply on other sites we operate.

A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your computer (or other electronic device such as a mobile telephone or tablet) when you use our website or services. “Similar technologies” means that when we talk about cookies in this section, we also include other similar technologies that may store information on your device.

We divide the cookies we use into two categories:

  • Necessary Functional Cookies.
    Without these, our website will not function correctly. For example, features such as identifying you if you log in (where required), linking to certain extent content, streaming video files, and storing items in your basket may not be able function without them. You cannot turn off these cookies.

  • Performance and Analysis.
    These cookies are used to help understand how users use our services, for example which pages are viewed most often, which items are most downloaded, how long users spend on each page, and when users experience delays or problems. This helps us to improve our services. We do not routinely link information you have provided when registering or using services to information that is collected through analytics cookies to develop a personal profile of you or to link with any other personal information we hold about you. (However, we may collect information about your use of personalised services in other ways, if they are provided and you choose to use them.)

    These cookies are not essential, and you have the choice to allow or disallow them. If you disallow them, we may still collect analytics information about your use of the website without using cookies, but it may be less accurate.

    Your current choice is:

We do not use cookies for targeting or advertising purposes or to track your activity across other websites.

Some cookies may be set by specialist third-party service providers that we use on our services (for example to display social media feeds or to provide video streaming).

You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the websites below tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, some features may not function if you do this.

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