The seven-inch centre display in the Mazda CX-5 adopts optical bonding to join the Liquid Crystal Display and touch panel – this suppresses reflections and presents a clearer image. The legibility of all displays has been optimised for quicker and easier reading, while the Multi-Information Display mounted within the right-hand dial of the driver’s instrument binnacle features a new 4.6” colour TFT LCD screen, with related information grouped for quick and easy recognition. GT Sport Nav+ models feature a full 7-inch TFT dial set.


Both the front and rear seats offer occupants excellent core body support, improved fatigue relief and delivering greater comfort. Sport Nav+ versions of the Mazda CX-5 feature 8-way adjustable power seats with two preset memory function. They allow for the automatic height adjustment of the Active Driving Display -Mazda’s head-up display- in conjunction with the seat position, when switching drivers. This new memory preset can also be matched to the smart keyless entry key fob.

Steering wheel

The Mazda CX-5 features a new-generation steering wheel design. This top-class leather wheel has a tactile feel, a smarter shape and a smaller centre pad. While the outer diameter of the wheel has not changed, the satin metallic decorations applied to the lower spokes are narrowed to give it a sleeker look. On Sport Nav+ models, the wheel is equipped with a heated rim, which automatically turns off after 30 minutes. The functions of the steering switches, are integrated and concentrated into one row. GT Sport Nav+ cars feature a unique wheel with a chrome centre bezel.

Active Driving Display

The Mazda CX-5 features a windscreen projected colour Active Driving Display. Standard on Sport Nav+ models, this head-up display features Traffic Sign Recognition and presents information directly onto the windscreen within the driver’s line of sight, for quicker and easier reading of data. The displayed information is divided into upper and lower zones. Driving information, including navigation turn-by-turn direction, and routing and speed limit information, is displayed in the upper section. Vehicle status, including current speed and advanced safety equipment status, is displayed in the lower section.

Storage Space

The console box beneath the centre arm rest has a large capacity, and is fitted with a groove to accommodate the power cord of devices attached to the USB port, power outlet and twin AUX mini-jack connection hub located within it. The glove box is shaped to accommodate a 10” tablet, and is flock-lined for greater convenience and quality. The capacity of both front and rear door pockets is larger than the first-generation CX-5, and their bases lined with a non-slip finish.

Driving Position

Building on the commanding driving position and excellent pedal layout already offered by the first-generation model, the driving position of the Mazda CX-5 not only features a new seat design, but has also been further improved through several key measures: raising of the floor console brings the gearlever higher and closer to the steering wheel (60 mm on the automatic or 40 mm on the manual) for improved driver comfort. Also, setting the centre console and door arm rests to near identical heights provides the driver with a more balanced and comfortable seating space.