Dedicated to helping achieve an accident-free automotive society, Mazda's Proactive Safety philosophy guides all of the company's safety performance research and development. With safety fundamentals such as the driving position at its core, this philosophy drives the ongoing evolution of Mazda’s advanced i-Activsense active safety technologies and passive safety features.

The MX-30 features a further enhanced suite of i-Activsense features with turn-across traffic functionality added to the existing Smart Brake Support (SBS) system to help prevent collisions when turning across traffic at junctions. New technologies include Emergency Lane Keeping with Road Keep Assist, which helps keep the car on the right track even in the absence of lane markings, and Emergency Lane Keeping with Blind Spot Assist, which helps prevent collisions when changing lanes. For the full list of active safety equipment found across all MX-30 models and the additional items included with the Makoto please download the Price and Spec PDF.

Despite adopting Mazda's centre-pillar-less freestyle door system, the MX-30 offers occupants excellent passive safety performance through a rigid bodyshell and structures that efficiently absorb collision energy. To protect cabin occupants in the event of a collision, the Mazda MX-30’s centre-pillar-less construction incorporates a process by which hot-stamped material is first attached to the multifaceted reinforcing material before both are formed together into the A-pillar and roof side shapes.

Extensive use of 1,310 MPa-class and other ultra-high-tensile steel combines with efficient energy-absorbing structures throughout. In addition, aiming to combine high-level collision safety with the freestyle door system, hot-stamped vertical reinforcements are positioned inside the rear doors. The result is a structure that absorbs and effectively diffuses impact energy from side collisions. Reinforcement of the front and rear door hinges, as well as the side sills, has realised body strength and energy-absorbing efficiency on a par with cars that have centre pillars.

The Mazda MX-30 also adopts a safety system that shuts down the flow of drive system power the instant a collision is detected. In addition, the battery packs are encased in high-strength material and surrounded by a rigid frame. This design offers the batteries solid protection, which in turn protects cabin occupants from potential secondary injuries caused by exposure to high-voltage power.

Confirming the MX-30’s standard setting safety, the all-electric Mazda has been awarded the maximum five-star rating by Euro NCAP in its latest series of tests with 91% and 87% scores in its respective adult and child occupancy categories. Achieving maximum points in the lateral impact tests, the MX-30 also scored full marks for crash test performance based on six and ten-year old children for both frontal and lateral impact. The MX-30 is the first Mazda to achieve an overall five-star rating under the more stringent 2020 Euro NCAP crashworthiness rating regime.

The Mazda MX-30performed impressively in all four Euro NCAP test categories: Adult Occupant: 91%, Child Occupant: 87%, Vulnerable Road User (pedestrian safety): 68% and Safety Assist: 73%. The rating is a result of three key factors: the adoption of the very latest Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, which features a high-rigidity, impact-absorbing yet lightweight bodyshell; a wide range of advanced i-Activsense safety technologies which help drivers identify potential risks and reduce the likelihood of damage or injury; and high standards of pedestrian protection performance.

Mazda works continuously to advance safety performance under the Mazda Proactive Safety philosophy. The superior driving dynamics achieved as a result of Mazda’s Skyactiv Technology also contribute to the  Mazda MX-30's five-star Euro NCAP achievement, delivering a very intuitive, enjoyable, all-electric driving experience. By making the car easier to drive safely, the technologies reduce the potential for accidents without compromising Mazda's traditional fun-to-drive character.

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